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Product Name:  VMPET Metalic yarn Film
Product Instroduction: 
Product performance:
1 Strong adhesion, high brightness
2 Good barrier function
Application: It is extensively used in the packaging industry for glitter powder,christmas tinsel,sequin.
Thickness of filmThickness of aluminum layerWidthLengthDiameterCore size
12-150m320-1000Å2300mm3000- 36000m/r800mm76mm(3)152mm(6)
Product mechanical property indexes
ItemUnitStandard valueTest method
Thickness of filmm12ASTM D-374
Tensile StrengthMDMpa235ASTM D-882
ElongationMD%113ASTM D-882
Heat Shrinkage (150棬30min)
MD%1.28ASTM D-1204
Wetting TensionmN/mmN/m44ASTM D-2578
Friction Coefficient0.48ASTM D-1894
Haze%ASTM D-1003
Glossiness%131ASTM D-2457
Thickness of Aluminum LayerÅ440 
(Square resistance)/2.35GB/T 15717
(Optical density )O.D2.0XRite361
(Light transmittance)VLT0ASTM D 1746
Equality Tolerance of Metallizing Layer%?0GB/T 15717
Combining Fastness Tolerance of Metallizing Layer%Aluminum not fall off3M adhesive tape
Moisture vapor transmission rateg/m2?4hr0.55ASTM E96
Oxygen transmission rat
cm3/m2?atm?4hr0.88ASTM D1434

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