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Product Name:  VMPET Packaging Film
Product Instroduction: 
Product performance:
1 Strong adhesion, high brightness
2 Good barrier function
Application: It is extensively used in the packaging industry for food, cosmetic medicine, Rescue supplies, electronic, chemical, pesticide and also used in the label, printing, decoration, golden and silver paper.
Thickness of filmThickness of aluminum layerWidthLengthDiameterCore size
8-250m320-1000Å2300mm3000- 36000m/r800mm76mm(3)152mm(6)
Product mechanical property indexes
ItemUnitStandard valueTest method
Thickness of filmm12ASTM D-374
Tensile StrengthMDMpa235ASTM D-882
ElongationMD%113ASTM D-882
Heat Shrinkage (150棬30min)
MD%1.28ASTM D-1204
Wetting TensionmN/mmN/m44ASTM D-2578
Friction Coefficient0.48ASTM D-1894
Haze%ASTM D-1003
Glossiness%131ASTM D-2457
Thickness of Aluminum LayerÅ440 
(Square resistance)/2.35GB/T 15717
(Optical density )O.D2.0XRite361
(Light transmittance)VLT0ASTM D 1746
Equality Tolerance of Metallizing Layer%?0GB/T 15717
Combining Fastness Tolerance of Metallizing Layer%Aluminum not fall off3M adhesive tape
Moisture vapor transmission rateg/m2?4hr0.55ASTM E96
Oxygen transmission rat
cm3/m2?atm?4hr0.88ASTM D1434
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